Call Our Domestic Violence / Private Move Hotline 866-923-8186

Dedicated To End Domestic Violence

Moving is often stressful; but an emergency move due to a domestic violence situation is even worse. We realize that just getting the courage to call a mover and start your process is hard enough. We realize you shouldn’t have to worry about your moving companies ability of handling this precious situation on top of everything else.

That's why Dedicated Van Lines has created the “Dedicated To End Domestic Violence Moving Program.” This program offers huge discounts to clients having to make an often unplanned last minute move. Full packing services are offered at our cost and we offer up to 60 days FREE storage at the origin until you are able to find a safe place for the items to be delivered.


When you call Dedicated Van Lines, we want you to feel comfortable about letting the representative know about your situation and know that every customer representative has had the proper training to provide the discretion and privacy that is essential in this kind of move. Additionally, we realize that every domestic violence situation is different and have many different plans to assist you in this hard time.

Regardless of the situation, man, woman, elderly abuse situations, same sex households; we are not here to place any judgement. Our only goal is to assist you in this very difficult time and help you coordinate your move with you. We want you to know that you are not alone, contact us; we are here to help.


We approach each move differently, especially if the client advises us that this move must be private. All you need to do is let the representative know you are looking for a “Confidential Moving Order”; that will be entered into your file and the ONLY person that will be spoken to about your move are the parties you authorize. We also allow after and before hour calls in order to fit into YOUR schedule at this difficult time where windows of opportunity must be seized. Simply ask your representative for the 24 hour emergency line and you will have instant access to a trusted employee at your convenience.

Aside from that, your order, for your protection, will ONLY be able to be located via your Reference number NOT name or phone number.


Safety on move day is our top priority. Whether at work/out of town or on premises, our movers have been trained in de-escalation techniques in order to ensure a successful and safe move out for both you and our employees.

When hiring Dedicated Van Lines, you'll get help from discreet movers who think through the risks you’re facing before making any decisions.

For example, if our movers know a female customer is moving to get out of an abusive relationship with her husband/partner, they know to only talk to her about the move. Phone calls to the client will only be made at a time they designate, or if email is best, you may elect only that method of communication.

Finally, our movers will keep your timeline in mind. If you scheduled a move at a time when your abuser is supposed to be at work, we will make sure the timeline is met; as to not make a bad situation worse.


Your confidentiality is a big deal to our family here at Dedicated Van Lines. Our company name on your billing statement will be a discrete name as opposed to moving & storage as so the abuser will not know you have a move planned. Each client is assigned a private 24/7 customer service representative, so you do not have to worry about ANY communication errors in this very difficult, courageous move.

So, when you make that courageous first step, you can be assured that our company has all proper procedures in place to make this part of your new life an easy and successful transition. Your privacy is our #1 concern; please let us know if you have ANY questions at all, and we will make sure that we assist in this difficult time.

Call Our Domestic Violence / Private Move Hotline 866-923-8186

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