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Need Movers Fast?

If you're in need of movers asap, call us directly at 844-368-3560. Dedicated Van Lines offers emergency moving and storage services for clients who are “stuck” without a moving company. We have every tool that is needed to help clients in a difficult spot. We offer both local and long-distance state to state moves with as little as 24 hours’ notice. Contact our office directly if you are stranded without a moving company; and our professional moving coordinators will contact you immediately with a moving quote. We offer many last-minute services including storage, direct delivery, and even full professional packing services.

Last Minute Movers With Storage

Many clients are worried because they do not know where they are moving TO, they just know they need to be out of their current home by a certain date. That isn’t an issue. Dedicated Van Lines is an emergency moving company with storage. DVL offers a program of 45 Days Free Storage including free redelivery for ANY customer moving from state to state. Local moves are also given 30 days free storage although minor handling charges may apply. Long term storage (more then 6 months) is available in one of our nationwide climate-controlled facilities. Please be aware that the storage is ALWAYS at the origin not the destination. We do not ship out the items until you give us a date and address you will be ready to accept the household goods. This all will be coordinated directly through your appointed moving assistant.

“What is a last minute move?”

Great question, that is really a personal preference. Some may feel reserving within 90 days is very last minute, while others plan a move within a week with no sweat at all.

Our company suggests 30-60 days in order to get normal rates, and 90-120-day reservation from pickup for discounted rates. That is NOT to say our company does not have regular discounts available for last minute moving services. Actually, quite the opposite. Our company allows clients to reserve a discounted rate and have up to 12 months from reservation to choose their move date. Also, all deposits left are fully refundable up until your move date to protect you from any unforeseen circumstances.

How to find a last-minute moving company near me?

Dedicated Van Lines has nationwide pickup and delivery capability due to our moving and storage network having grown to over 1200 agents and our company having moved over 5 million families since 1992. You can be assured that by calling Dedicated Van Lines, you will have professional movers and a very competitive quote no matter where in the country you are located.

Did your mover cancel/ never send a price after coming out?

This happens a lot in our industry unfortunately. Moving companies bite off more then they can chew, and the customer is the one who left with the mess. Be mindful of “local” companies that only have 1 or 2 trucks that give you low prices for an end of the month move. Due to them not having the equipment they NEEDED; they usually overbook and take the larger or the higher paying job, leaving you with NO mover.

Also, it is you BENEFIT to leave a reservation deposit with a company. That will ensure that you have YOUR spot. Our company lets your LOCK IN a date, and YOU are the only person who can change that date. We do not charge a penalty to change your date like many other movers.

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